Monday, 27 February 2017

Baraza Blog- 17th February 2017

Open Baraza

Before half term we had a short Baraza as we spent quite a bit of time talking about the new Sports Hall that the students are quite rightly excited about.

Here are the other points they raised (which are similar to comments brought up in previous weeks- amazing consistency!):

Q: Can we have more time to cook in Food lessons
A: Having double food lessons would be a good thing but as technology and ICT are linked having a double ICT lesson may be more difficult. We may be able to look at going into OOSHL for some classes. We will have to look at this for next year's curriculum now.
Q: Can we have water fountains upstairs?
A: New water fountains are being installed in several locations on the ground floor due to the cost of plumbing and possible water spillages

Q: Can we have double PE lessons?
A: We will try to see if this will fit the timetable for 2017-18.

Q: Can the hand sanitisers around the site be refilled
A: Yes
Q: Can we use the East Staircase?
A: From September we will be able to use all the staircases.
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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Baraza Blog- 10th February 2017

Open Baraza

This week was a more informal discussion with 4 students from each mentor group in the Drama Studio. Here's what they had to say... quite a bit I think you'll agree!:

Q: Can technology lesson be longer?
A: DT lessons are linked to IT lessons, and having 2 -hour IT lessons would be difficult. However, we may be able to have DT lessons at the end of the day so students can continue into OOSHL. We will investigate further.

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Q: Can we choose what tasks we do in lessons like we have in maths?
A: We will ask maths to share this good practice with other subjects.

Q: Can chess club start again?
A: We will ask Mr Hudson who is responsible for OOSHL.

Q: Even though both of our rugby teams have recently beaten Finham Park, can we have more practice on grass?
A: Today Mr Plester has met someone about having better access to sports fields at a local primary school. There will hopefully be more news about that after half term. Also the artificial pitch will be ready to use very shortly.

Q: Can only student leaders go to Dol-y-Moch?
A: The trip is a leadership trip, however, if some students can't attend there will be a reserve list. Please see Mrs Brake about this.

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Q: When will the year 8 options taster lessons be?
A; After half term.

Q: Can we have a wider variety of food in the mornings for breakfast? 
A: We will ask the refectory staff.

Q: Can we have more residential trips?
A: Year 7 have a residential trip in the summer term. 

Q: Can we take our phones on trips?
A: Yes, but at your own risk. However, it may depend on the trip- as for some trips it wouldn't be suitable.

Image result for 3d printersQ: Are we going to get 3D printers
A: We already have some! You will be using them from September.

Q: Can we get a chin up bar in the Fitness Suite?
A: We will investigate further, however there is not a lot of space in there as it is already full of equipment.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Baraza Blog- 3rd February 2017

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Open Baraza for invited students

Over 60% of FP2 students have never had a detention or even a consequence. So, today we invited these students to Baraza to get their feedback and also reward them with a choccy treat!

Here's what they had to say:

Q: Can the badge system be sped up?
A: Yes we will aim to get these out much quicker, on a weekly basis
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Q: Can we always be allowed out of lessons on time?
A: Yes, the only reason why whole classes will be late being dismissed is if they take too long to pack away or any equipment is missing.

Q: Can we have the lunch menu online?
A: Yes we will action that today- it will go onto Frog.

Q: Can our lunch pass last for longer?
A: Unfortunately not at the moment because there are so many students that have reached silver that the whole school would 'jump the queue'! However, we would be very interested in students' ideas about rewards for platinum and 'World Class' rewards. 

Q: Can we have crisps on sale in The Refectory?
A: We would need to find out if 'healthy snacks' are available as we try not to send unhealthy food.

Q: Can we have lunchtime clubs?
Image result for water fountain schoolA: This is difficult because we have 35 mins for lunch and both staff and students need a break! However, the music practice rooms can be booked and we do offer a lot of after school clubs. We would like to review this next year.

Q: Can we have water fountains on the 1st & 2nd floor?
A: We are having more water fountains fitted in student services, The Refectory, the Sports Hall and the Fitness Suite.