Sunday, 11 June 2017

Baraza Blog- 11th June 2017

Student Feedback of their ICT/ Computing Experience

Image result for ict secondary schoolPositives (what went well?):

- We like having access to lesson resources on Frog (Computing is one of the best pages)
- I like the variety of different lesson topics
- I like being able to choose which homework I do
- we like the small class sizes
- lessons are interesting and fun
- I feel like I've learnt a lot this year
- the topics we cover are really important- programming, internet safety

Areas for improvement (Even better if...):

Q: Can we do more 'big projects'? 
A: This is possible in some topics and Mr Rogers will look at this for next year
Q: Could we have more of a variety of tasks and activities in lessons?
A: Yes- Mr Rogers will tweak lessons planned for next year
Q: Can we do more group projects in lessons?
A: As with the first answer- this is possible for some of the topics studied and will be looked at when planning for next year
Q: Can all subjects collect homework via Google Drive?
Image result for maths and computing schoolA: Different subjects have different requirements for homework and Google Drive doesn't work for all subjects. We will share this with them but not all subjects will be able to do this. 
Q:  Can Frog be used more in other subjects? We would like more information on these sites please.
A: Yes- Mr Rogers will speak to all subjects leaders to ensure Frog pages are developed more
Q: Can there be access on Frog to other useful information e.g. our timetables?
A: We will investigate this
Q: Can we do more computing trips?
A: We already have quite a few but mainly for digital leaders- we will look at further trips for next year

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Baraza Blog- 26th May 2017

Kibblestone Residential feedback

Following our week in Staffordshire here is the students' feedback to help us prepare for next year's residential. Once again some really useful and thouthful feedback:

Image result for kibblestone camp siteWhat went well (WWW)- quotes direct from the students:

- we enjoyed the crate stacking- it was really exciting and a bit scary
- room checks (especially in the boys' dorm) as it kept our room clean and tidy
- we had lots of exercise as we had to walk quite a distance between activities- but it was very tiring
- raid and trade was great!
- almost 70% said they would do exactly the same trip again
Image result for kibblestone camp site- 5 days was perfect
- I managed to do things I never thought I could do
- it challenged me to go further- especially with heights
- it was good not to have our phones all the time as we played other games and din't just sit playing with our phones!
- it was lots of fun
- I felt as though I grew up a bit on this trip- it was the first time I'd been away for this long without my parents
- archery was great

Even better if:

- better toast please!
Image result for kibblestone camp site- can the showers be warm all the time?
- more showers
- room checks for girls to encourage us to keep it tidy and clean!
- softer mattresses
- more active time (sometimes we had too much break time)
- longer activities
- less drama, maths and English activities- some were too easy or too hard
- more 'wow' activities
- have all the activities in one place
- more entertainment in the evenings
- camp fires every night
- Kibblestone hoodies

All of the above will be shared with Team Camp, Kibblestone and Mrs Brake who all worked together to arrange this trip.

Image result for kibblestone camp siteImage result for teamcamp uk

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Baraza Blog- 5th May 2017

Student Feedback of their Humanities experience

Humanities is a broad area of learning which includes Geography, History and Religious Studies. Mr Ludgate listened to what the students had to say:

Positives (what went well?)
Image result for kahoot
  • We enjoy History group work
  • Kahoot is a good resource
  • We like doing projects
  • We get lots of rewards and stickers from most teachers
  • we can sometimes sit next to our friends
  • We don't think the topic of discrimination is needed in PSHE as everyone gets along
Next steps (even better if):

Q: Can we do more group work?
A: Yes in certain topics that is definitely possible

Q: Can we spend more time on topics?
A: We will try to ensure that everyone has a good understanding of every topic, but because there is so much to learn we can't stretch them out too much. However, this year we have had enrichment history, so students who chose that have been able to go deeper with their historical learning.

Q: Can we do more drama in RE and Geography?
A: It really depends on the teacher and the topic being taught, but Mr Ludgate will raise it at the next department meeting
Image result for politics uk
Q: Can we use Kahoot more?
A: When it is appropriate to do so, yes!

Q: Can we do more project work in Geography and RE?
A: Mr Ludgate will ask the teachers of these subjects

Q: Can we do more politics, more use of videos, more sheets with less writing (!), more opportunities to show our artistic side, sticker related challenges
A: All of these are possible and will be shared with the Humanities team of teachers

Image result for discriminationQ: Can the topic of discrimination be made more challenging?
A: We will review that topic with student input and put this in place for next year

Q: Can we do more on the topic of social media in PSHE
A: Yes, but it would need to be different to what is already studied in computing

Q: Can we have study extremism and terrorism in year 9?
A: Yes

Image result for places of worship clipartQ: Can we visit places of worship in RE,  go to Parliament again and visit Ford Castle in year 7
A: Trips are being planned for the places of worship; it is likely we will visit Parliament again and we can investigate a trip to Ford Castle- although we already do a castles trip for all year 7s.

Baraza Blog- 28th April 2017

Student Leadership Baraza

We have a large number of active student leaders already and are currently recruiting more.

Image result for grow a poundTo start with, our current student leaders were asked what to spend the approx £600 that was raised from the fantastic 'Grow a Pound' competition last year. Students suggested that the money should go towards buying more books for the library,
Here's what else they had to say:

Q: Can we have some say in what departments spend their money on?
A: Department student leaders can during meetings with Subject Leaders and during Barazas

Q: Student Ambassadors love taking part in staff recruitment and feel it is worthwhile. Can other student leaders be involved?
A: Yes, once they are trained up by shadowing current student interviewers. Mrs Brake and Mrs Rose will action this.

Q: Students would like more access to computers in lesson time
A: We currently have a lot of computers for the number of students in the school. However in September we will have more full equipped computer rooms available that can be used in lessons

Image result for ducks and ducklingsQ: Can we have a duck sanctuary?
A: We have already contacted the RSPCA regarding our ducks and ducklings. They have said that they cannot do anything to help them and that "nature should just take its course". We have a small group of students that look after our current ducks by ensuring they have clean water. If we do have more ducks next year we will look at this again and see what we may be able to do to protect them better.

Q: Students have enjoyed the trips and asked if there can be more for student leaders?
A: Yes this is a good idea. Mrs Brake will speak to staff working with student leaders to see what else can be offered- the students may have some good ideas too!

Q: What will Edward's Keep be used for?
A: Currently our plan is to use it as an additional PE space, exam hall and place for assemblies

Image result for virtual reality headsetQ: Can we have a Virtual Reality/ gaming room
A: It depends what it is being used for. However there is huge educational benefits that could be developed. Perhaps the Digital Leaders could speak to Mr Rogers to put a proposal together. 

Once again- sich brilliant ideas and sensible, mature suggestions from our suggestions.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Baraza Blog- 7th April 2017

Open Baraza Year 8

This week was year 8's opportunity to feedback their thoughts on any area of the school. Here's what they had to say:

Image result for sport rulesQ: As well as learning about the skills for each sport can we be taught the rules?
A: Yes- we will pass this onto Mr Hudson

Q: Can we have the Refectory menu on Frog?
A: Yes- we will ask the Refectory staff to do this for after Easter

Q: Can we have coffee in the mornings?
A: I'm afraid we don't sell caffeinated drinks

Q: Can we have cups for the water fountains?
A: Unfortunately cups make a mess and are not very environmentally friendly as they are just thrown away after one use. Also by now should all students should have a Finham Park 2 water bottle that they should bring to school to fill up.

Q: Can we have a Dodge ball club?
A: We will ask Mr Hudson.

Q: Can we have PE OOSHL on Monday's and Fridays?
A: Again, we will ask Mr Hudson to feedback at the next Baraza as there have been a lot of ideas for PE

Q: Can we have double PE?
A: We have asked our timetabler if this is possible- we will let you know in the summer term

Q: Can we stay in our PE kit at 3pm on Monday or Friday when we go home early?
A: Students should change back into their school uniforms on Monday and Friday, however on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday they can stay in their kit as this extra curricular PE.

Image result for we love peImage result for student voiceImage result for frog school vle

Baraza Blog- 31st March 2017

Open Baraza year 7

This week students were given the opportunity to feedback on anything to do with the school. Here's what year 7 said:
Image result for dodgeball club
Q: Can the leaves be picked up off the tennis courts?
A: Yes- we will pass this onto site services

Q: Can we have a Dodgeball OOSHL
A: As long as there is sufficient staffing on top of other clubs this should be possible- we will ask Mr Hudson

Q: We are enjoying the sports fixtures- can we have more please?
Image result for school trampolinesA: We will ask Mr Hudson to feedback on this

Q: Can we use Templars' fields more often?
A: Mr Plester is in further discussions to ensure that FP2 students can use Templars' fields more regularly.

Q: When will we use the trampolines?
A: Mr Hudson will need to answer that question

Q: Can we have an equipment shop?
A: Yes- Mrs Brake will work with the office to get this set up

Q: Can we have an animation OOSHL (after school club)?
A: We will ask Mr Rogers and Mrs Pendergrast to see if this is possible for next year.

Once again, some great ideas from our brilliant year 7s!

Image result for student voice

Baraza Blog- 24th March 2017

Modern Foreign Languages Feedback- year 8

This week students from year 8 were invited to Baraza to feed back their thoughts to Mr Zafar on their French or Spanish lessons. Students really seemed to understand the importance of learning a language and how it will benefit them in the future.

Here's what they said:

What Went Well:

Students commented that they:

  • enjoy that different skills that are involved in lessons
  • enjoyed the last module which was a French film review
  • enjoyed learning about the culture about the countries alongside the language aspects
  • are making a greater progress this year and enjoying languages more
  • enjoy watching videos alongside working, they believe it helps them more.
  • enjoy languages overall

Even Better If:

Students said that would like:

  • more role play activities
  • to choose their seating plan (students are aware that teachers choose seating plans for a variety of good learning reasons)
  • a language OOSHL (after school club)

Image result for importance of learning spanish and french

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Baraza Blog- 17th March 2017

Modern Foreign Languages Feedback- year 7

This week students from year 7 were invited to Baraza to feed back their thoughts to Mr Zafar on their French or Spanish lessons. Students really seemed to understand the importance of learning a language and how it will benefit them in the future.

Here's what they said:

WWW (what went well....)
  • Students like the fact that they do lots of different varied  activities including fun games and not just writing!
  • Watching films in foreign languages with English subtitles is interesting (this is also a great idea for students to do at home if they want to improve their French/ Spanish)
  • The progress chart is very useful to see much we are learning- this will be shared with other subjects as a model of good practice
  • We like learning about the countries that speak French and Spanish too.
EBI (even better if....)
  • We could have had more languages teaching at primary school- FP2 will investigate how we could support local primary schools to help prepare students better for secondary school languages
  • For students that are slow with their writing or need more help, could these students be given work sheets?- yes
  • Can we "work more things out for ourselves rather than being told"?- yes
  • Could we have a quiz in every topic e.g. Kahoot?- we will try this when there is relevant points in the learning
  • Could we listen to French and Spanish songs?-  yes

Also if students need help with their French or Spanish the Duolingo app can be useful:

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Baraza Blog- 10th March 2017

Student involvement in our 'Strategic Framework' 

Both Finham Park and Finham Park 2 use a 'Strategic Framework' to summarise the plans for their schools over the next 3 years. There are several areas that we focus on such as teaching and learning, buildings, resources, assessment etc. Every year this is reviewed and updated and all students are involved in mentor time as well as some students being invited to a Baraza to have face-to-face input with Mr Plester. 

Today we just focused on areas for improvement. Not all requests are answered here as some are longer term decisions that will be made as the school grows. Here's what our year 8s had to say:

Q: Could we be allowed in mentor rooms during social time- before school, break, lunch (with rules of course)?

Image result for homework clubQ: Can we have more OOSHL options?

Q: It's much better now, but can we choose when we have homework club?

Q: Can those students not in highest ATL homework club have access to laptops and ipads?

Image result for no mobile phonesQ: Can we have phones out at break and lunch times?
A: Sorry, but no! Our rules are clear on mobile phones.

Q: Is there a room we can go to if we "are stressed" to sit quietly?
A: We already have The Hub and 'Little Hub' for students to go to, but will have more spaces from September.

Q: Can we use the Astroturf at break and lunch?

Q: Can we have longer breaks and lunches
A: We could but we would have a longer school day!

Q: Can we have more Intergate competitions?

Q: Could we have Amazon vouchers for the Diamond Awards
A: We will be reviewing the rewards system but the costs for the system would need to remain the same. We could have vouchers for the Diamond Awards but we would have to move them from elsewhere.

Image result for finham park awards  Image result for amazon vouchers

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Baraza Blog- 3rd March 2017

Student involvement in our 'Strategic Framework'

Both Finham Park and Finham Park 2 use a 'Strategic Framework' to summarise the plans for their schools over the next 3 years. There are several areas that we focus on such as teaching and learning, buildings, resources, assessment etc. Every year this is reviewed and updated and all students are involved in mentor time as well as some students being invited to a Baraza to have face-to-face input with Mr Plester. 
Related image
Here's what they said:

Things that are great!

- "Our buildings are the best I've ever seen"
- ..."especially the Sports Hall.."
- the food in the Refectory is lovely
- most students are polite and well-behaved
- everyone wears the right uniform
- we don't see students on mobile phones and there is no chewing gum!
- teachers are nice and supportive
- getting stickers
Image result for finham park 2- we have lots of trips
- being able to do Mandarin
- we have a lot of equipment in music and PE
- Baraza is good as we can change things 

Things that we could improve (as one of the students, said this is always easier!)

- start using the herb garden (we will do once the frosts have finished)
- have more bike sheds (we do have more and will start using them in September- we have enough space at the moment...just!)
- the sand on the artificial pitch is annoying (this is common in the winter but will tread in over time and won't be as much of a problem later in the spring and summer)
- can we do more homework projects? 
- star sticker badges can be given out late (we'll aim to speed this up ASAP)
- can we make lunch queues smaller (we will probably got to two lunches next year so there will be less students. Students can also order 'grad-and-go' food in the morning.)
- possibly have smaller balls on the tennis courts to play football; keep the ball boxes and table tennis box stocked up
- can we have more badges for things such as tour guide, science leader, maths leader etc?

Image result for finham park 2 Related image Image result for finham park 2
Image result for finham park 2 Image result for finham park 2 Image result for finham park 2

Monday, 27 February 2017

Baraza Blog- 17th February 2017

Open Baraza

Before half term we had a short Baraza as we spent quite a bit of time talking about the new Sports Hall that the students are quite rightly excited about.

Here are the other points they raised (which are similar to comments brought up in previous weeks- amazing consistency!):

Q: Can we have more time to cook in Food lessons
A: Having double food lessons would be a good thing but as technology and ICT are linked having a double ICT lesson may be more difficult. We may be able to look at going into OOSHL for some classes. We will have to look at this for next year's curriculum now.
Q: Can we have water fountains upstairs?
A: New water fountains are being installed in several locations on the ground floor due to the cost of plumbing and possible water spillages

Q: Can we have double PE lessons?
A: We will try to see if this will fit the timetable for 2017-18.

Q: Can the hand sanitisers around the site be refilled
A: Yes
Q: Can we use the East Staircase?
A: From September we will be able to use all the staircases.
Image result for hand sanitisers

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Baraza Blog- 10th February 2017

Open Baraza

This week was a more informal discussion with 4 students from each mentor group in the Drama Studio. Here's what they had to say... quite a bit I think you'll agree!:

Q: Can technology lesson be longer?
A: DT lessons are linked to IT lessons, and having 2 -hour IT lessons would be difficult. However, we may be able to have DT lessons at the end of the day so students can continue into OOSHL. We will investigate further.

Image result for chess
Q: Can we choose what tasks we do in lessons like we have in maths?
A: We will ask maths to share this good practice with other subjects.

Q: Can chess club start again?
A: We will ask Mr Hudson who is responsible for OOSHL.

Q: Even though both of our rugby teams have recently beaten Finham Park, can we have more practice on grass?
A: Today Mr Plester has met someone about having better access to sports fields at a local primary school. There will hopefully be more news about that after half term. Also the artificial pitch will be ready to use very shortly.

Q: Can only student leaders go to Dol-y-Moch?
A: The trip is a leadership trip, however, if some students can't attend there will be a reserve list. Please see Mrs Brake about this.

Image result for healthy breakfast
Q: When will the year 8 options taster lessons be?
A; After half term.

Q: Can we have a wider variety of food in the mornings for breakfast? 
A: We will ask the refectory staff.

Q: Can we have more residential trips?
A: Year 7 have a residential trip in the summer term. 

Q: Can we take our phones on trips?
A: Yes, but at your own risk. However, it may depend on the trip- as for some trips it wouldn't be suitable.

Image result for 3d printersQ: Are we going to get 3D printers
A: We already have some! You will be using them from September.

Q: Can we get a chin up bar in the Fitness Suite?
A: We will investigate further, however there is not a lot of space in there as it is already full of equipment.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Baraza Blog- 3rd February 2017

Image result for creme egg

Open Baraza for invited students

Over 60% of FP2 students have never had a detention or even a consequence. So, today we invited these students to Baraza to get their feedback and also reward them with a choccy treat!

Here's what they had to say:

Q: Can the badge system be sped up?
A: Yes we will aim to get these out much quicker, on a weekly basis
Image result for finham park badges
Q: Can we always be allowed out of lessons on time?
A: Yes, the only reason why whole classes will be late being dismissed is if they take too long to pack away or any equipment is missing.

Q: Can we have the lunch menu online?
A: Yes we will action that today- it will go onto Frog.

Q: Can our lunch pass last for longer?
A: Unfortunately not at the moment because there are so many students that have reached silver that the whole school would 'jump the queue'! However, we would be very interested in students' ideas about rewards for platinum and 'World Class' rewards. 

Q: Can we have crisps on sale in The Refectory?
A: We would need to find out if 'healthy snacks' are available as we try not to send unhealthy food.

Q: Can we have lunchtime clubs?
Image result for water fountain schoolA: This is difficult because we have 35 mins for lunch and both staff and students need a break! However, the music practice rooms can be booked and we do offer a lot of after school clubs. We would like to review this next year.

Q: Can we have water fountains on the 1st & 2nd floor?
A: We are having more water fountains fitted in student services, The Refectory, the Sports Hall and the Fitness Suite.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Baraza Blog- 20th January 2017

Year 7 & 8 feedback on Mathematics

Today we invited Miss McDonald to Baraza. She wanted to ask the students what they liked about maths and maths lessons (WWW- what went well) and what can be improved (EBI- even better if). Here's what the year 7 & 8s said:

- we like being able to choose tasks that are most suitable for our learning and ability
- most maths lessons are fun and engaging
- we like being able to work on our own and sometimes in pairs
- we like using Kahoot quizzes
- the teachers are nice!
- the teachers are supportive

Q- can we have more setting? 
A- there is already setting in place and this will continue next year

Q- can we use Kahoot more often?
A- yes, but it will depend on the lesson and the task we're doing. Sometimes students get too excited as they can be very competitive

Q- can we have more creative lessons (we already have some)
A- yes- again this depends on which topic we're doing

Q- can we have more pre-topic homeworks to help us prepare for the next topic
A- yes- the one that was sent home over Christmas was very useful for students and teachers

Q- can we have Maths Watch clips before starting a topic?
A- yes

Miss McDonald also asked students if they like using My Maths or Maths Watch- and although students liked being able to use both, they prefer Maths Watch.

Mr Plester also commented how essential maths qualifications are in future careers, college and university courses.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Baraza Blog- 13th January 2017

You said, We did.... homework OOSHL feedback (y7)

Please see last week's Baraza Blog for 'You Said, We Did'.

Further OOSHL feedback- homework club:

After recent improvements suggested by year 8 last week, here are year 7's thoughts and feedback (students answers/ questions in BOLD)
  • Do you like being able to  listen to music on your headphones for homework club? YES
  • Do you like being able to talk quietly and help each other? YES
  • Is it better sitting in teaching groups so you can work on the same homework? YES
  • In general are you happy with homework club and the improvements? YES
  • Any other questions or ideas?
    • Can we use laptops if needed?  We did comment on this last week (see Baraza Blog for 6th January), however not all students can use computers as we do not have sufficient for everyone to use one (no school does!). However, this will be at the discretion of the teacher running homework club and the availability of computers each night. We will review this as we purchase more computers. One idea was to have a computer based homework club and paper-based homework club next year with students being able to book a computer in advance- again we will look into this as we move forward.
    • Can we have paper and crayons on tables? Yes
    • Can we have gymnastics club? Yes once the Sports Hall is open.
Mr Plester also pointed out that approximately a third of students with the highest ATL (attitude to learning) in both year groups will have their own Reward Homework Club in the library once the new OOSHL timetable starts in  the next few weeks and Year 7 progress checks have been finalised (year 8 have already started this). 

Thank you to Libby Windsor for once again doing a fabulous job of minuting.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Baraza Blog- 6th January 2017

You said, We did.... homework OOSHL feedback (y8)

  • Can we have some other drinks in the Refectory? We now have milkshakes.
  • Can we have some themed days in the Refectory? We had a Halloween and Christmas themed day which went down very well and others are planned for this year.
  • Can we have hot chocolate? This is now available.
  • Can we make the queues shorter? On average the queues have gone with at least 15 mins to spare- however we will try to do more… (Mr Plester is meeting the manager of the Refectory next week to look at ways of speeding up service)
  • Can the 1 or 2 students that don’t clean up after themselves be given a C3 to clean up? Staff on duty have been reminded.
  • Can we have 'meal deals'? These are now available.
  • Can we have signs telling us what food is on offer? These are now in place.
We will also invite the Refectory staff to a future Baraza.

  • Can we have more chairs in the Refectory? This was done straight after Baraza.
  • Can we have more benches outside? We have ordered 9 more benches which should be here shortly.
  • Can there be a water fountain in the Fitness Suite? This is currently being fitted along with air conditioning (that was requested in an earlier Baraza).
  • Sometimes the West Staircase can be busy. The South staircase has now been opened to help ease congestion.
  • Can we have some table tennis tables? 3 concrete tables have been bought and fitted.
  • Can we have a new container for the balls on the Tennis Courts? Yes, we will be buying a new one and one to store the table tennis bats and balls.
  • Can we make the road crossing safer? We are having more fences fitted on Torrington Avenue to ensure students cross at the crossing; assemblies took place to remind students where to cross; Mr Plester has asked parents not to park on the pavement on Torrington Avenue. There has been a huge improvement since September but we continue to keep student safety as the highest priority.

  • Can we have a year 8 residential? Yes- one is being planned for this year
  • Can we have: Basketball club? Table tennis club? Coventry FC come in to train us? Cricket club? Girls’ football team? Martial Arts club? Many of these will be put in place once the Sports Hall has been finished at the end of January. A Taekwondo club has now started 
  • Can we have girls’ rugby matches? Yes – these are organised for the Spring term
  • Can we have after school swimming club? Mr Hudson will investigate this regarding costs.
  • Can we use the music practice rooms at break and lunch? Yes- please see Mr Plester to book a room


  • Can these be given out as some students are still waiting? We are now up to date with giving out rewards certificates apologies for any delay.

Further OOSHL feedback- homework club:

Some parents and students have recently  commented that the trial of our current model of homework club needs improving. Here are year 8's thoughts:
  • Can we listen to music on our headphones to work?
  • Can we talk quietly (especially so we can help each other)?
  • Can some of us do homework in the library?
  • Can there be more teachers/ support on hand in homework club? We would like to be able to help each other as well.
  • Can we use computers if needed?
  • Can we sit with friends (or students in our class so we can help each other)?
Mr Plester and Mrs Brake have already met to discuss how to improve homework club and all of the above (plus suggestions from parents) were taken into account. We will keep parents and students informed of further updates.

Background to homework club:
  • One of the most important areas of our OOSHL programme is homework club with the aim to get students into good habits with their homework.
  • Getting the right balance of students being able to get an hour's homework completed as well as enjoying the experience is vitally important. Our experience tells us that children learn in different ways- some like working in silence, others like to chat, some prefer to work together on homework, and others on their own.
  • The use of computers is an interesting question. Again, from our experience, most students love to use the computers but not all students are as productive as they could be when it comes to using computers for homework! Also not all homework is computer based and on many occasions it is better to complete homework on paper or in exercise books.
  • Students always know when they will be doing homework club and are aware to bring homework to get on with or a reading book. Unfortunately it is not possible for students to join other clubs if they do not have any homework  as we need to know where all students are in the building and other clubs are already full.
  • Students also have the opportunity to do homework in the library from 8am every morning, break time, lunch time and after school on Mondays and Fridays till 4pm.